That bite looks nasty, you better go see a doctor

Zombies add a fun element to the whole event and offer opportunity for some great scares and surprise kills.  Plus it doens’t matter how old you are you still get “the creeps” knowing someone is after you.

Most of the Zombies in the game are actually players who have become infected!  There are 2 ways to become infected and turn into a Zombie.  When that occurs a player must adopt the Zombie role until killed by another player.  During their time as a Zombie they may chase, tag or scare other players on the field.

Zombie Infection & Testing

Item Exposure

Due to scavenge items being in contact with infected material, if you are caught carrying more than 4 items you  automatically become infected. (Hence the 4 item carry limit). You must report to the Medic/Trader and turn in all your items.

Physical Contact

If another Zombie or a Juggernaut tags you on the field, chances are you have become infected.  You must immediately report to the Scientist/Trader for Zombie testing.

Reporting for Testing.

Once you become contaminated, hold you hand up in the air and yell “Contaminated!” and adopt a non-combative posture. You can then leave the field, make your gun safe and report to the Scientist/Trader for testing.


  • Testing will result in either CLEAR or INFECTED
  • If you are CLEAR you can re-enter the game and continue playing
  • If you are INFECTED you must leave your weapons, collect a “Zombie Ear” card and re-enter the game as a zombie
  • You may also win or lose Black Market Chits or points treats during testing.

Playing as a Zombie

The Life of a Zombie

Infected players enter the field as unarmed Zombies. They will carry the “Zombie Ear” card issued by the Scientist.

They can choose exactly how they want to act.  They can hide or chase people, shamble around, moan, etc.
Their goal is to infect other players.  If you tag another player they must yell “CONTAMINATED” and immediately leave the field for testing by the Scientist/Trader.


The Death of a Zombie

Zombies can be shot and die just like the other players on the field.

When shot a Zombie must hand over their Zombie Ear card.  This is the trophy for the Zombie Hunter and can be traded for points and Black Market Chits (BMC).

Once shot, a Zombie must sit or kneel, or die a spectacular Hollywood Zombie death to show they are dead.  They must then hold up their Zombie Ear card.  If no one comes to collect the cards after 30 seconds the Zombie player can reanimate and continue on as a Zombie.

Once a Zombie has lost his card(s) they return to the admin building to collect their gear and return to the game as a regular player.

Zombie Notes:

Zombie ears do not count towards your carry limit of 4. Collect as many as you like for trading.

Please remember that Zombies are real people too, so be kind when shooting them.

MEGA Zombies

Mega Zombies can be identified by their orange Asylum overalls. They are unstoppable and unable to be killed so they do not carry the collectable Zombie Ear cards.

Mega Zombies will be released onto the field in groups at random times. If you are tagged by one you must report the scientist for zombie testing.

Mega Zombie Note:

Please remember that Mega Zombies are real people too.  Be kind when shooting at them.


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