Underaged Players

The minimum age for attending Night Terror events is 13.

Due to the potential hazards of playing overnight in a derelict building with Airsoft Taggers (firearms), we require all players under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian for the event.

All underage players will also need to provide a signed Parental Consent form for our records. These will be available at the event or can be downloaded from the link below.



  • Need to be in attendance throughout the event
  • Do not need to play (no charge)
  • Can play if they wish (charges apply) – we have many guardian/child teams attend games
  • If not a legal guardian, must provide written permission to act as one from a legal guardian by supplying a completed Game Guardian Form which can be downloaded from the link.

Underaged Player Forms

Please ensure all underage players present their signed form(s) along with their guardian to the event organisers when signing in.


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