Safety & Conduct

The following rules have been set out for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees

Health & Endurance

Food & Water

Scavenging and battling is thirsty work, especially during the long 12 hour events.  It is imperative that all players stay fed and hydrated.  Please remember to bring adequate food and water to last the entire event.  The venue water supply is not very palatable and there are no nearby late night food outlets if you are attending one of the night games.

Sleep & Exhaustion

While the aim of the Mega Terror Marathon event is to make it through the entire game, there is no shame in taking a nap if you are tired.  For your own safety, and the safety of others, we would prefer you took a nap rather than pushing yourself on without sleep.  A power nap can actually allow you to perform better.

Frayed Nerves

Battling is intense if if competeing in the Mega Terror Marathon it can be very draining which can have an affect on a players temper.  If you find yourself becoming snappy or short tempered  leave the field for a time out.  Rest and recharge.  Suggest this to any player you encounter who looks like they could do with a break.  Don’t take offense if someone suggests it to you.

What to wear


This is a close quarters battle with BB Airsoft Taggers.  Even though the power of the taggers is limited you are still having plastic BB’s fired at you.  It is therefore important that you dress accordingly.  We recommend the following:

  • Long sleeves and Pants
  • A hoody, hat or helmet
  • Gloves if you are concerned about finger hits

If you turn up in inadequate clothing (shorts and tee) you will be turned away.

Eye Protection

Only lens eyewear is permitted on the field.

Mesh eyewear is not considered safe by the Asylum or NZ Airsoft.

If you do not have lensed eye protection, NZ Airsoft will have  X800 goggles, high impact safety glasses and paintball masks available for hire for events at $10.00 each.

Face Protection

Only “solid” face protection is permitted on the field.  Scarves, shemaghs and balaclavas do not count.  Face masks able to deflect a BB must be worn.

You may wear either a full face mask OR a half mask with your goggles.  Scarves etc may be worn as neck protection or as an additional layer.

If you do not have suitable face protection we have half masks and paintball masks available for hire at $10 for the event.



We ask that all players conduct themselves in a mature and considerate manner while at the event. Anyone caught arguing on the field will be asked to leave the field regardless of who is in the right.  Marshalls and Juggernauts will have the power to eject players so settle your differences quickly and gentlemanly unless you want a time out.


Please make sure you remove any rubbish from the field during or after games. Even if it is not your rubbish. Do not leave it up to the Asylum staff or NZ Airsoft reps to pick up after you. They have enough to do.

Listen Up!

Pay attention when the administrators are talking and organising the players.  Interrupting or talking will delay briefings and the game.  They also may have important safety announcements to make that require everyones attention.

Doors & Barricades

Do not open or close the doors within the building or move furniture or barricades about.  Doing so could put yourself or others at risk of falling items or having fingers or gear pinched.  Any players caught moving barricades will be ejected from the event.

Lighting & Lasers

Field Lighting

When we say “night time event”, we mean “night time event” not “oh, it’s a tad dark”.

Be aware that there are trip hazards as well as other players, furniture and barricades to run into in the dark.  There is no permanent night time lighting set up on the field.  Any field lighting will be for atmospheric purposes only.

Torches & Lights

This is a night time event.  It is important that you bring some sort of personal illumination, not only to be able to find items but for your own safety.

Glow sticks are a fun option but not a suitable alternative for a torch.

Both torches and glow sticks will available for purchase at the event if you forget.


Due to the close proximity of players and the high risk of lasers being shone into eyes, laser will not be permitted during game play.

If you’d like to add some sort of visual effects to your game, try glow sticks or strobe torches instead.

Get into it!

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