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Night Terror: Ascension 2017

They thought burning the place down would kill the evil. But they forgot that evil is born of flame! Then unfortunate fire at Villa 16 earlier this year put a real dampener on the Airsoft community. It mean a loss of not only a great venue but alto the Night Terror...

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Easter Night Terror: 2017

It's that time of year again! Get ready for some more awesome Asylum action with the Zombie Easter Bunny! Booking and event details to follow so stay tuned!

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Do I look sun burnt?

Meet Bob. He's feeling a little under-the-weather. It might be man-flu? Get Bob to the doctor at tomorrow's Easter Night Terror to earn some big bucks. But first you have to compete for the right! Kinda like well armed psychotic...

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Looking for a new pet?

RENT-A-ZOMBIE! Wanna take out a high value target on the field? Need to take down that pesky guy from the team that's whipping you ass? Then rent a Zombie! The Trader has a supply of "Tame" Zombies ready to do your bidding. Take one on the field and deploy it like a...

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Eeek, I’m infected with Aussie-itis!

Calling Kiwi Airsofters! We have a team of 20 Aussies invading the Asylum for a 6 hour Night Terror Event on Saturday March 5th. This is a 6 hour event where you will be playing in the Maximum Security wing of the Kingseat Hospital during the night. So bring a torch...

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Easter Night Terror: 2016

Easter is coming up and you know what that means:  The Bunny is Back! Yes, it's time for everyone's favourite chocolate treat giveaway!  So grab your mates and squad up for another zombies-infested, Easter egg grabbing, Airsoft Scavenger hunt!

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New Zombie Hire Poster

Fresh off the press and ready for the Asylum walls! This design is one of several aimed at reminding players of some of the fun in-game options they have available to them. (There are a lot to remember!) Looking forward to scattering theses, and others, around the...

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New Safety Posters

The newly design "Barrel Sock" safety poster to go up at the Night Terror games. These, and others, are being created to advertise various aspects of the game and also to remind players of the safety rules during the event. Can't wait to see them on the walls!...

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The “Juicy Crew”

The six new Zombie masks for our Terror Events are gored-up and ready for gaming! They even have their own individual looks and personalities. Photo from the workbench of our vigilant gore-master during their final paint application. Looking forward to our first Mega...

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New Night Terror Event

We've just posted another newly trimmed-down version of our popular Asylum Terror event series, called "Night Terror". This 3 hour battle is designed to give those who are unable to attend our longer events a taste of the awesome scavenger-hunt action. Aimed at...

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New Twilight Terror Event

We've just launched a new trimmed-down version of our popular Asylum Terror event series, called "Twilight Terror". This 3 hour battle is designed to give those who are unable to attend our longer events a taste of the awesome scavenger-hunt action. Aimed at...

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All New 12 Hour Marathon Airsoft Event

It's back and it's bigger than ever with an all new format! Our 12 hour Asylum event has been restructured as the insane "Mega Terror Marathon", a fast-paced scavenger-hunt PLUS objectives-based Airsoft battle. While still 12 grueling hours of CQB, the event now...

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Gloves! New Product Added

Tired of getting your hands lit up with BB's? You need some sturdy fingerless combat gloves - and we've jsut added some to the Night Terror store! The gloves are available in Tan or Olive Drab.  They usually retail for $35.00 but we are running an introductory special...

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New Night Terror Tees printed

We've had our second batch of the popular Night Terror tees printed for the upcoming events.  These are top quality tees, screen printed (no cheap machine printing here) and feature the original Night Terror artwork designed by Martian Design & Web. If you want to...

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“I Survived” Certificates for the winners

We've printed another batch of the certificates to be awarded to the winners of the event. To get your hands on one of these you need to last the ENTIRE 12 HOURS without sleep. There will also be prizes / certificates for the following: Individual Player with most...

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New Sponsor: Army and Outdoors

We are thrilled to have Army and Outdoors (formerly Kiwi Disposals) come onboard as a major sponsor of the Night Terror games. Army and Outdoors have been supplying Airsofters with quality new and surplus gear for years and are a favourite store of many. Army and...

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New Website by Martian!

With the popularity of the previous Night Terror events we felt it was time for Night Terror to get it's own website - so here we are! The website has been set up by Martian Design & Web, the same company that manages the websites for NZ Airsoft, Tauranga Airsoft...

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