Mercs & Bounties

These options are real game changers - use them tactically!

After you have traded a few times you will have some Black Market Chits (BMC) to spend.  There are 2 things you can purchase: Mercenaries (Mercs) and Bounties.

Both of these features are great game changers and often get used later on in the evening when players want to gamble on improving their odds or influence the fortunes of the others on the field.  Clever players can use these fetters to essentially leech points from their opponents.

Hiring Mercs

Mercs can be hired from the Trader (if they are available) for BMC$2000* for 20 minutes. Mercs will not always be available for hire – they may be roaming the field taking on players. The benefits of having a Merc on your squad are:

  • they take 3 hits to kill (3 x as many hits as a regular player)
  • they can carry 6 items without being contaminated
  • they can choose to go invulnerable for trade runs
  • they can decipher codes to earn you bonuses

*Prices may increase as teams accrue more Black Market Chits

Placing a Bounty

You can place a 20 minute Bounty on another team at the Trader station for BMC$2000*.

The team you place the bounty on must attach a flashing 1 x white LED to their gear. This will make them a target for all the other players on the field.

When the bounty team is killed, the LED is retrieved and retuned to the Trader.  The bounty team then loses ½ their points! These are split between the team that placed the bounty and the team that returns the LED to the Trader.

If the bounty team successfully defends themselves for 20 minutes and returns the LED to the trader they get awarded the BMC$2000 bounty fee.

*Prices may increase as teams accrue more Black Market Chits

“Man, as soon as teams started putting bounties on other teams it all went mental.  All of sudden big teams were getting f**ked over by smaller teams.  It was a really game-changer.  Was wicked to see squads teaming up then back-stabbing each other.  We just kept our heads down and not piss anyone off!  F**ken funny!”

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