Juggernauts only know two things - seek and destroy.

There are 2 juggernaut characters, “Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum”, who will be roaming the fields at random times. They are there to add a little chaos factor to the games.  They can be identified by their lumbering gait, body armour and a flashing red LED that is active while they are.

Juggernauts are the ONLY players on the field who will have full-auto guns. They will shoot from the hip and will “spray” rather than aim.  If you are shot by a Juggernaut usual game hit rules apply.

Juggernauts cannot die. Shooting them will only wake them up or make them follow you.  If you see them you best chance to survive is hide or get away.

Juggernauts can opt to enter a hibernation mode where they stand still and not engaging anyone. During hibernation they will deactivate their flashing red LED. Shooting a hibernating Juggernaut will instantly wake it up. Juggernauts choose when to come out of hibernation mode so watch your back if you sneak past one!

Juggernaut Note:

Please remember that real people are volunteering to play the roles of Juggernauts so be nice with your bb’s. They cannot die so don’t start spraying them with BB’s

Juggernaut Tip:

Wake up a hibernating Juggernaut that is near your enemy players.

“One of our squad run into a Juggernaut and screamed like a little girl – it was hilarious!”

Jason, Airsoft Player


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