Items to Scavenge

Scavenged items will earn you big bucks and points if collected and traded wisely


There are hundreds of items of various types scattered around the field to scavenge. You can see the list of scavenge items below. Pick these up to sell to the Trader in the admin building to earn Black Market Chits (BMC), these are the in-game currency which can be spent during the event.  For every BMC you earn you also earn Points which build up to towards your total score for Night Terror.

Read more about Trading here.

Carry Limit

You can only carry 4 items at once due to the high risk of contamination, so choose wisely or share items around your squad members. If you are caught carrying more than 4 items you are considered contaminated and will have them confiscated and will need to undergo zombie testing.

Drop when Shot

During the game, if you are shot while carrying any items you must drop 1 item.  You can choose which item.  Any live player (including you) can pick this item up providing they do not exceed their 4 item limit.

Scavenge Tips

Try to carry at least 1 cheap item to drop when shot.

Have a designated squad member you can protect carry the more expensive items until ready to trade.

Quickly pick up any items your shot teammates drop (providing you do not go over your 4 item limit).

“The props they made for us players to pick were pretty cool.  Lots of detail.  They clearly put a lot of effort into making things that match the game and the field.”

New Airsoft Player

Scavenge Items List

Files / Paperwork

The facility had/has vast stores of paper files going back decades about the various research and trials conducted at the site. Many of these store rooms have yet to be found but several lab offices have been looted and loose files are scattered around the rooms.

Frequency: Very High

BMC Value: $100

Data CD’s

These may still be found and could contain all manner of important research data that could be easily loaded into modern research software.

Frequency: High

BMC Value: $200

Fluoro-Timber Samples

Forests surrounding the labs contain trees that have been infected or contaminated by compounds leeching out of the bio-waste tanks. Bio-Com took core samples to investigate and these can sometimes be found scattered about outdoors.

Frequency: Medium

BMC Value: $200

Vivendae Mortem Lichenas Samples

This genetically engineered lichen is harvested for its extremely toxic sap which can be refined to produce the serum Bio-Com has been developing for it’s super-soldier program.

Frequency: Medium

BMC Value: $200

Crystalizing Serum Gel

Part of the serum manufacturing process forces a molecular bonding agent into the refined serum. This crystalizes the useful compounds for easy extraction.

Frequency: Medium

BMC Value: $300

Antidote Tablets

Working at a facility does come with risks and the rooms were all stocked with antidote tablets which may still be present. While the tablets will be well past their effective lifespan their compounds will be useful in future research for retroactively deriving compounds

Frequency: Medium

BMC Value: $300

Contaminated Remains

Ever wondered what happens to failed Night Terror Scavengers? Their remains can be found littering the Asylum field.
Collect these and trade them in. The residue left by the gnawing zombies can sell for big money on the Black Market.

Frequency: Low

BMC Value: $400

Patient Urine Samples

Waste products from the still living patients were closely monitored to investigate whether pathogens would be capable of spreading beyond infected tissue.  These vials contain up to 50mls of sample urine and glow under black-light.

Frequency: Medium-low

BMC Value: $400

Blood Samples

Like the serum, blood infected with serum has been harvested and stored and looted. The blood is dark from lack of oxygen and dead cells.

Frequency: Low

BMC Value: $500

Bio-Stym Serum

Small bottles of serum from previous looting are still laying about the facility. Each bottle contains 35ml of Bio-Stym Serum and will be labeled. The serum is viscous and a dark yellow green in colour.

Frequency: Low

BMC Value: $500

Medical Waste Canisters

Bio-Com did not spend a lot on safe disposal of their medical waste. Many corroding transport canisters for test materials are still littered about the complex grounds.

Be careful if collecting for trade, the risk of infection from these decaying cans is very high!

Frequency: High

BMC Value: $600

Organic Specimens

Tissue samples and organic matter were stored in many of the labs and bio-secure zones of the facility. These are often stored in stackable containers which should be labelled as to the type of sample contained within. Different samples may be of different value.

Frequency: Low

BMC Value: $700

Serum Syringes

Syringes of Bio-Com’s secret Zombie serum have been are rumoured to still be found at the Asylum complex.

Frequency: Very Low

BMC Value: $800

Bio-Weapon Parts

Experimental biological weapons deployment systems were part of the site research. There is rumoured to be an upgraded assault rifle lost amongst the ruins, capable of delivering genetically modifying nano-bots in its rounds.

Frequency: Very Low

BMC Value: $1000

Gunge Flasks

Bio-Com documents state that dead test subjects were liquified for reprocessing to extract incubated serum cells.

Frequency: Very Low

BMC Value: $1500

Harvested Sap

Sap harvested from the Vivendae Mortem Lichenas, ready for “refinements” through a live test subject.

Frequency: Extremely Rare

BMC Value: $3000

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