How to Trade

Scavenge and Trade to accrue money and points

The Night Terror Game is essentially a 12 hour scavenger hunt for tradable items. These are littered about the field and inside the building.

Each item is worth points. Rare items are worth more than common items.  Values range from $100 to $2000.

You can browse the scavenge items here.

When you trade in an item you get credited both Black Market Chits (BMC) and Points. Black Market Chits are  the currency of the game whereas Points are used to determine the score.

During the game you can spend your Black Market Chits, but not spend your points. You can spend BMC on Hiring Mercenaries or by Placing a Bounty on another squad or player.

The winner(s) are the player or squads with the most Points (not BMC) accumulated at the end of the game.


To trade in items simply visit the Trader in the admin building.  The trader has set prices for the items on the field. They are all worth different amounts. You will quickly realise which items are worth more than others and this will affect what you choose to carry and how you trade.

When you trade in your items the Trader will add your Black Market Chit earnings to your account and update your points.

Please let the Trader know if you are working as part of a squad and what the squad name is.

Trade Bonus

If you trade any 4 identical items, (eg 4 x blood samples) you will receive double the points.

If you are working as part of a squad, make sure you co-ordinate with the other members so you don’t miss out on the Trade Bonus.

Trading Tip

Trade if you have to leave the field to hydrate or collect ammo etc.

If you are working as a squad let them know you are leaving the field so you can choose the best combination of items to take with you.

VIP Players start the game with a bonus amount of points and also receive preferential Trader service – they get to jump the queue!

“The whole trading thing was a sweet change from what we usually play.  I haven’t played anything like this at any club games .  It kept it interesting the whole way through even though it’s a really long event.”

Veteran Airsoft Player


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