Hire Gear Packages

Night Terror has NZ Airsoft hire gear available for those attending the “Night Terror” events without their own.

The hire gear is well-maintained, top quality equipment set up specifically for gaming in the close quarters battle environment of Zombieland.

To book your hire gear, simply select the “Battle Pack” option when booking your ticket.

Your Hire Gear pack comes with:
  • ICS Proline M4 Tagger (Gun)
  • DYE full face mask
  • 350 Bio BB’s

NZ Airsoft also brings spare gear so if you have any issue with your equipment the event organisers can simply swap it out and get you back in the game very quickly.

Spare Safety Gear

You only have mesh goggles?  No face mask?  We have you covered! NZ Airsoft have a supply of spare safety masks for Airsofters attending the game who do not have suitable face protection for the event.

Group Bookings

We have 30 sets of hire gear available for public bookings.  If you have friends, workmates or a social club keen to attend Night Terror you can add multiple items to your cart to service your group. Please note only 1 gun per player – no sharing allowed.

Prescription Glasses

Do you wear corrective lens glasses?  No problem!  Our full-face masks will fit over most styles of prescription eye wear.

Extra BB’s

Depending on how you play, you might need more than the 350 BB’s that come with your hire. We will be selling extra bio BB’s at the venue for the people with hire gear – cash only.

The Paintball Shop will also have Bio BB’s for sale for the regular players.

Ready to have a go?

Enough reading! It’s time to get into the action!
Remember, to hire gear simply select the “Battle Pack” option when booking your ticket.


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