Gun Limits

Make sure the gear you bring complies with the event limits
If you are bringing your own Airsoft Taggers (Airsoft Guns) to the event please follow the rules and regulations outlined below. All visiting guns must be presented for testing and tagging upon arrival.  Please do this as early as possible to avoid missing out on the start of the game.

Be Courteous!

Throughout this event please be aware that there will be no enforced minimum engagement distances. Courtesy bang kills are appreciated but in the heat of battle with adrenaline flowing do not expect them. At some time during the event you are likely to shoot someone quicker than realising you could have bang killed them so please do not lose your temper if someone does it to you. Always aim to be the best airsoft player you can be!

Gun FPS Limits

The FPS limits are universal. The type of gun is not a consideration. All guns will be tested on 0.20g BB’s.  We have free BB’s at the chrono station for testing

 Event TypeFPS .20g FPS .25gEnergy
 CQB Max 370 Max 330 1.27 Joules

Please remember that FPS limits are the “Maximum allowed” and are not a goal. A 100 spring (or equivalent power) is sufficient for CQB.

Firing Notes:

  • Bio BB’s are the only bb’s permitted on this field
  • Only BB’s of 0.25g or less are permitted on the field
  • All guns will be chronoed and tagged on 0.20g. Any gun that strays over the FPS limit will be banned from use.
  • Burst-Fire is not permitted at this event
  • Full-Auto is not permitted at this event
  • Use of full auto or burst fire will result in players being ejected from the field.


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