Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be Eftpos?

The Asylum will have Eftpos while staff are on site.

We recommend you bring cash if you want to buy BB’s or purchase food from NZ Airsoft as they will not have Eftpos as the trader station on the field.

IOU’s are not accepted.

Will there be BB’s for sale?

We will have a supply of quality ICS brand .25g BB’s for sale:

1,000 for $7.50
4,000 for $25.00

We recommend you pre-purchase these with your tickets or buy them at the venue early so you don’t miss out.

Will there be a dinner break?

Only for those who have purchased VIP tickets or Dinner Tokens. For these players Hell Pizza will be delivering dinner at approximately 7pm. Present your Dinner Token to the Dinner staff to claim your meal.

There are no scheduled stoppages during events for food or any other activities but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink to consume in the admin buildings during the games.

Make sure you keep your food and water intake up to ensure your well-being throughout the events.

Will I need a torch?

Yes. You will need some sort of personal lighting device for your own safety and so you can locate items and spot enemies hiding in the dark.

Feel free to bring glow sticks or similar to illuminate rooms or “tag” unsuspecting players.

Night Terror will have some small torches for sale at the event if you forget to bring one.

Why a scavenger-based game?

This style of game is a nice break from the regular type of gaming most of us play at club events. The rules are kept simple so there is no confusion and the game play and objectives can be as complex as you like. So each player / team can play to their strengths or preferences (providing they obey the basic game rules).

Players enjoy having multiple objectives and the option of choosing the ones that will best reward them the most. You still get to employ all your regular mil-sim and airsoft skills but it’s not just to “capture a flag” or “bomb a bunker” that bores many regular Airsoft players.

This style of game also results in a clear winning team or player which makes the competition all the more engaging.

Where do we store our gear?

There are several side-rooms available for stashing your gear and taking a break. The main doors will be locked at 5pm to prevent anyone from outside the venue from accessing these rooms.

You can also store any gear you will not need for the event in your vehicle.

NOTE: Neither Asylum or NZ Airsoft take any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal items stored on site.

When should we arrive?

Try to arrive as early as close the the “Doors Open” time for you event as possible.
With a large players and multiple guns, the admin will take quite a while, so if you are late you may need to wait till after the event has started to sign in.

Please remember your gear needs to be chronoed before the game brief. If your gear is not chronoed before this time you will not be able to join in until staff are free to sort you out.

The event begins at 2.00pm sharp.

What sort of clothing should I wear?

As you will be playing in a CQB (Close Quarters) environment we recommend you layer up accordingly. Wear a sturdy closed-in pair of shoes, long pants and long sleeved shirt. Gloves and a hat, beanie, hoodie or helmet are also recommended.

Bring an extra layer in case you get cold.

Remember, lens eye protection and face mask are also compulsory.

Is there somewhere to have a rest?

There are several rooms available within the admin building. The main “shop” is the most popular to take a quiet break as it is farthest from the action, has couches and a fireplace.

Is a scarf ok for face protection?

No, a scarf or shemagh will not protect your face in a CQB game.

All players are required to wear “solid” face protection that will deflect a BB. This can be either either:

– A full-face mask OR
– A half-face mask with goggles

If you do not have a mask you can hire a mesh half-face mask or a paintball mask from NZ Airsoft admin for $10 for the entire event.

Helmets, hats, beanies or hoodies are recommended for head / ear protection.

I don’t want to compete for the points, do I have to?

No, if you simply want to spend the event attacking other players you are welcome to do so.

You are still subject to all the rules of the game BUT are not permitted to interact with any of the scavenge items.

I don’t have a spare gun, what happens if my gun breaks?

NZ Airsoft may have spare hire guns available at the event. If your gun goes down you can hire one at a nominal fee (max $5 per hour) for the remainder of the event.

All hire guns come with a full mag of BB’s.


This is the call of “No Limitz”, the winner of previous Night Terror events. It may signal him finding loot or dispatching a player with his knife.

If you hear it close to you, your next few moments may be your last…

How old do I have to be to play?

The minimum age we are allowing at this event is 13.

Any player under the age of 18 must have a signed Parental Consent form and a guardian accompanying them for the entire event. The guardian does not need to compete but must remain onsite. This is due to the event being held overnight and in a potentially hazardous environment.

One guardian is allowed to supervise multiple underage players.

We recommend you contact NZ Airsoft to discuss this prior to booking.

Do ricochets count?

No, in an enclosed environment like this with so many BB’s being fired we only count the ones that hit the player directly.

If you are unsure if you were hit directly or as a ricochet, call it as a hit. Better to be “too honest” than a potential cheat.

Do I need to get my gun up to 370fps?

Absolutely not. This is a max-limit, not a target. Most CQB guns run at around the 290-330fps (0.20g) range which is sufficient for CQB gaming.

The 370fps limit to make it easier for players with guns that have the odd stray BB chrono above 330. All guns must consistently fire under the 370 limit during testing. No gun that has stray BB’s over 370 will be permitted on the field.

Do gun hits count?

No, like ricochets, we do not count gun hits due to the high volume of BB’s being fired. Only direct body shots count.

We recommend you call “gun hit!” if one occurs in case your opponents hear the hit and think you are cheating.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether you were hit, take the honourable option and call it!

Can we work in squads?

Yes, we recommend it. With 60+ players on the field your best option is to team up. This will maximise your scavenging ability and protect your items. You will also be able to escort your “runner” to the safe areas for trade.

Please note that only individual players will be eligible for the main prize.

Will I be able to get to my car during the event?

For security reasons, the main door of the admin building will be locked at 5.00pm. This is to ensure the public cannot access the building or our belongings inside. We recommend you bring everything you need in from your vehicle.

If you need to access your vehicle you will need to ask NZ Airsoft staff and wait until they are free to unlock the door.

Can I come in costume?

Yes! You are very welcome to attend in costume as long as you meet the minimum safety requirements of lens goggles and solid face protection.

Furthermore, anyone who goes to the effort of making / wearing a costume will get awarded bonus points.

Can I use full auto fire?

No. For the safety of all participants, Night terror is a semi/burst fire event only.

Any player caught using full auto (or abusing burst fire) will be ejected from the field.

Are we allowed to stash items?

As you are only allowed to “carry” 4 items per player, stashing gives you the ability to choose which items to trade to get the best combo bonuses.

Be aware that your stash is allowed to be raided if found by other players, marshals or juggernauts.

Can I wear my mesh goggles?

No. NZ Airsoft and the Asylum both require lens eye protection for all players.
If you do not have lens eyewear you can hire some from NZ Airsoft staff for $5.00 for the entire event.

Can I use smoke signals / grenades?

Only Enola Gaye Smoke Signals are permitted at the event. You can purchase these from the Asylum while staff are onsite or from NZ Airsoft.

Please note that even though Enola Gaye Smoke Signals are “cold burn” they still pose a potential fire hazard. Always be aware of any potential flammable material when deploying and carry water if you intend to use them.

Please collect any spent smoke shells you find.

Can I use Burst Fire?

Yes, 3-Round Burst Fire is permitted but only in the outdoor fields event.

Have a decent pause between bursts. Continual burst fire is considered “Full Auto” and is not permitted.

Only Semi Auto is permitting within the buildings.

Any player caught abusing burst fire or using full auto will be ejected from the field.

Can I smoke?

Yes. If you need to take a drag to help calm your nerves there is an open-air room in the admin building where smokers can puff away nervously.

Please be tidy and do not litter the area with butts.

Can I choose to become a zombie, just for the fun of it?

Yes, in fact anyone who opts to “zomb-out” gets awarded points for adding some fun to the game. If you feel like a break from scavenging or are feeling tired, playing a zombie is a great energy boost and a bit of a laugh. Scare your friends!

Can I be a Juggernaut?

Only players who have been organised by NZ Airsoft are permitted to play the role of Juggernaut. You can however choose to play as a Zombie for a bit of fun.

Are “stealth-kills” permitted?

YES! Stealth kills (or “knife” kills) are permitted and encouraged. These are a great way of scaring other players. A Stealth kill involves one player tagging another with a melee weapon such as a fake knife, axe, club etc. Fake weapons must be made from plastic or foam and not be a danger on the field.

Stealth weapons may only be held, not thrown. Tapping your opponent lightly is all that is required. State the kill at the same time so as they may not feel that tap.

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