Combat Rules

About getting shot – the Combat Rules

When you get shot, you must immediately cease game play, raise you hands in the air and call “HIT” loudly. If you are carrying Loot, you must drop one item and you may then perform 1 of the 3 Re-Spawn options listed in the section below. Once you have completed your chosen Re-Spawn option you call, “BACK IN” loudly and continue playing.

Body Hits

Only BB’s hitting your person count as hits.  This includes any clothing, backpacks, kit or protective gear you are wearing. Gun Hits do not count.

Gun Hits

If a BB strikes your gun you do not have to claim it as a hit.  We recommend you call “GUN HIT” so your opponents do not think you are cheating. Ricochets do not count.


In such an enclosed environment with so many BB’s being fired we only count the ones that hit the player directly.

Combat Rules Tip:

If you are ever unsure if you were hit directly or as a ricochet, call it as a HIT. It is far better to be “too honest” than risk being a cheater.

3 Ways to Re-spawn:

Fall Back

When hit, fall back 20m (or to a safe area) and count to 20. If you are in the building you may go outside and count to 20. If you are upstairs, the top of the exterior stairwells count, you don’t have to go down to the ground floor.

Marshal Tag

If you are near a marshal you can approach them and request a tag-in. Depending on their location you can use this to give you a tactical advantage.

Leave Field

Once shot you can choose to leave the field in a non-combative manner to trade or resupply. Your time off the field counts as your re-spawn time.

Battle Etiquette & Safety


Do not shoot players point-blank as this may hurt depending on where the BB would hit them. If you are close enough to do this call “BANG” and identify them, OR, perform a stealth kill.

Minimal Shots

Do not pepper your opponents with BB’s.  Only shoot what you need to to get the hit.  This is especially important at closer range where you have a clear shot as most BB’s fired will find the target.


If you are accused of not calling your hit or accuse another player of not doing so, be polite and agree to go your separate ways or call a Marshal for a Combat Rules decision.  Bad manners will not be tolerated on the field.


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