It’s back and it’s bigger than ever with an all new format!

Our 12 hour Asylum event has been restructured as the insane “Mega Terror Marathon”, a fast-paced scavenger-hunt PLUS objectives-based Airsoft battle.

While still 12 grueling hours of CQB, the event now begins in the morning and plays right through the day culminating in pitch-black nighttime action.

All new daytime objectives have been added so players will have a different experience during the daylight hours than the nighttime hours.

This new format will suit players who have missed out on previous events due to their overnight structure and should enable more players to make it through the entire experience without falling asleep! Unless they just plain tucker themselves out
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The event is also perfect for groups so bring your family, friends or workmates and create your own crack squad.

Book online on this website – if you DARE!

Tickets are limited so don’t delay!