Zombieland Night Terror

Zombieland Night Terror is a 10 hour Airsoft scavenger-battle with bucket loads of atmosphere and intense CQB gaming though an outdoor arena fully rigged with lights and sound.  The game starts early afternoon, when the sun is up and you can see plenty of competitors to shoot at.  But after dinner, the sun goes down and the whole experience changes!  Who knows what you’ll find in the dark, or what will find YOU!

Scavenge the dark and creepy field for collectable items to trade for points. There are hundreds of items on the field to collect. Rare items are worth more than common items.

The winner(s) are the players or squads with the most points accumulated at the end of the game. Throughout the event, you’ll have to battle your competition and hunt (or hide from) zombies while trying to avoid becoming infected yourself. Watch out for the Juggernauts too!


12.00pmDoors Open/Registration
1.00pmGame Brief
2.00pmNight Terror starts
7.00pmBBQ Dinner (bring cash)
12.00pmNight Terror ends

Please arrive promptly to ensure you are processed by the organisers well before the event starts.

“This is brilliant! I don’t know what’s getting my heart going the most:
battling the other players or fearing I’m gonna run into a zombie!!”
First time Airsoft Player

Get into it!

Grab your tickets to the ONLY Airsoft Zombie Scavenger Hunt!


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