About the Asylum Paintball field

Not just for Paintball - it's an Airsoft gaming venue too!

Night Terror events takes place at the Asylum paintball arena, located in the former Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital (Mental Asylum) in Karaka. Kingseat is one of the most haunted locations in New Zealand and has featured on the TV program “Ghost Hunting”.

With it’s dilapidated buildings, dust and mildew, the venue is eerie enough even during the day. But come night time the Asylum Paintball venue takes on a heavy, creepy feel that adds to the vibe of the Night Terror. Couple that with the knowledge that mentally disturbed people lived and died there along with the long history of ghost sightings and spooky occurrences, the Asylum Paintball field makes the perfect foundation to build a tense and scary experience…

…for those who are daring enough to attend.

Asylum Paintball Facilities

The admin block features a fireplace, heater, tea & coffee making facilities, fridge, microwave, toilets and washroom.

NZ Airsoft will be supplying coffee, sugar, milk and cups for those needing a bit of help waking up.

Just up the road from the venus is a dairy / takeaway shop for any other food and drink needs.

PLEASE NOTE: the water supply at the venue is not great for drinking. Please ensure you bring plenty of fresh drinking water or other liquid refreshments to stay hydrated throughout the event.

Need a Nap?

For those in need of a rest or somewhere to curl up and sob, there will be space set aside in the Asylum Paintball admin block for you to hide.

The comfy couches are a popular choice but there is also room to lay out a bedroll, airbed and sleeping bag.

Please bring your own gear and sobbing pillow.

Getting to the Asylum

Asylum is only a short drive from Auckland’s CBD and is accessible via the motorway from the North Shore, Manukau, East Auckland, South Auckland, Pukekohe within 30-45 minutes depending on traffic.


Villa 10 & 16 Kingseat Hospital, 833 Kingseat Road, Karaka 2580, Auckland

Asylum Arena

Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital History

Kingseat Hospital was in operation from 1932. In 1939, the Public Works Department and Fletcher Construction Company, Ltd. agreed on the construction of a two-storey nurses home at Kingseat Hospital, with the government to provide the steel for the building. The hospital grew throughout the mid-late 1930s and 1940s to such an extent that by the beginning of 1947, there were over eight hundred patients.

In 1968, certain nurses at Kingseat Hospital went on strike, which forced the administration to invite unemployed people and volunteers to assist within the hospital grounds with domestic chores.  In 1973, a therapeutic pool was opened by the then-Mayoress of Auckland, Mrs. Barbara Goodman, four years before the main swimming pool was added to the hospital in 1977.

During the 1970s and 1980s, there were many places attached to psychiatric hospitals in New Zealand where alcoholics were treated for their drinking addictions, Villas 4 and 11 at Kingseat Hospital served this purpose.

In 1996, South Auckland Health sold Kingseat Hospital after government decisions to replace ongoing hospitalisation of mentally ill patients with community care and rehabilitation units. This led to the eventual closure of Kingseat Hospital in July 1999, when the final patients were re-located off the complex to a mental health unit in Otara.


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