Asylum Night Terror

Asylum Night Terror is a 10 hour Airsoft scavenger-battle with bucket loads of atmosphere and intense CQB gaming though a haunted former Mental Asylum.  The game starts early afternoon, when the sun is up and you can see plenty of competitors to shoot at.  But after dinner, the sun goes down and the whole experience changes!  Who know what you’ll find in the dark, or what will find YOU!

Scavenge the field and the dark and creepy rooms for collectable items to trade for points. There are hundreds of items on the field to collect. Rare items are worth more than common items.

The winner(s) are the players or squads with the most points accumulated at the end of the game. Throughout the event, you’ll have to battle your competition and hunt (or hide from) zombies while trying to avoid becoming infected yourself. Watch out for the Juggernauts too!


12.00pmDoors Open/Registration
1.00pmGame Brief
2.00pmNight Terror starts
7.00pmDinner (for VIP’s and those with Dinner Tokens)
11.00pmNight Terror ends

Please arrive promptly to ensure you are processed by the organisers well before the event starts.

“This is brilliant! I don’t know what’s getting my heart going the most:
battling the other players or fearing I’m gonna run into a real ghost!”

First time Airsoft Player

Group Bookings

Night Terror is great for groups!  Book in a bunch of mates or bring your family.  Perfect for:

  • Social Club outing
  • Birthday Party
  • Stag party
  • Team Building
  • Just for the hell of it!

NZ Airsoft supplies hire gear for the event, including Airsoft Taggers and safety masks.

Get into it!

Grab your tickets to the ONLY Airsoft Zombie Scavenger Hunt!

Night Terror: The Backstory

The last decades of the 20th century were a dark time for the psychiatric services in New Zealand. With an economy desperate for international funds certain government departments entered into clandestine deals with overseas weapons manufacturers* interested in the testing and development of biological agents for warfare.

*BIO-COM Corporation (formerly Biological Combat Research Inc) the largest overseas investor.

For over three decades several NZ psychiatric facilities, part of the NZ Mental Health system, worked in conjunction with overseas researchers in efforts to create super-soldiers that could remain active on the battlefield even after receiving horrendous injuries.

Facility inmates were “disappeared”, classified as dead due to natural causes or suicides brought about by their disturbed mental afflictions so their legitimate Ministry of Health files could be closed. Once off-the-books, inmates became human lab rats, subjected to various forms of physical manipulation and exposed to biological agents.

These tests, often performed with no anesthetic and no consideration for the suffering of the inmate inflicted many months, and sometimes years, of torture and torment. Stories about some of the trials seem too monstrous to be believable, one even claiming that inmates were injured then left to literally “rot to death” while having experimental serum administered to them.

Most research ended in failure and most inmates died from their injuries, but a few did not.

With the advent of more modern forms of warfare funding for biological agents and super-soldiers was cut in favor of technological research such as drones, stealth bombers, software driven smart bombs, electronic espionage and other tactics that did not require “boots on the ground”. Soldiers were expected to take less of a role and the research was yielding too few stable results to warrant further trials.

Between 1996 and 1999 all NZ based biological research facilities were shut down. Their Mental Heath services, by this time simply a front of the Research facilities, were also closed under the guise of a Government initiated reform of the mental health system in the country. Patients would no longer be “cared for” in hospitals but rehabilitated within the community. This of course was simply to ensure the facilities remained securely isolated once abandoned.

The closures did not go as cleanly as planned. The research, while yielding little viable options, was still valuable for the few incredible discoveries that were made in some fields. While the governments involved did not have plans to weaponize the startling discoveries, citing that to do so would create too high a risk of uncontrolled contamination, there were other entities less concerned with potential problems and more interested in potential profits. Thus research, specimens and data was stolen from the facilities by researchers looking for a quick black market payout. Some of the information even became public knowledge leading to an outcry over the mistreatment of the inmates, though the public never knew exactly how far that mistreatment really went.

Black market weapons dealers have made it clear to any individuals interested that they will pay top-dollar for any items of interest salvaged from the abandoned research facilities. This has led to many incursions in the facilities by opportunists and soldiers of fortune. Unfortunately, many of these incursions have resulted in extensive damage to the facilities by gun happy mercenaries interested only in money and not the potentially catastrophic results of their destructive endeavors. The facilities which still contain many highly contagious hidden or lost biological material are no longer biologically secure. Contaminants and worse are no longer safely contained and any mercenaries foolish enough to dig for research, or “mad-gold” runs the risk of uncovering far more than they bargained for. Greed is a powerful motivator and ignorance a well placed blind spot, so many are still eager to try their luck at an “Asylum”.


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